Adventurous Things To In The Summer

Adventurous Things To In The Summer

Summer is the best time for a good old fashion adventure. Whether you're into extreme sports or volunteering in a remote part of the world, there is a little something for everyone. Below is a list of the top summer adventures. Some are right out your front door and others require a full tank of gas. Try one, two, or them all. Regardless you will have a great time and have an adventure this summer that will bring lots of lifelong memories.

Hike a Mountain

A lot of regions in the United States have some pretty good hiking spots and you don't even have to leave the country. Alaska, Washington, California, and Colorado have some of the highest peaks. Over in the Northeast and down in North Carolina are some other pretty impressive mountains that are great for avid hikers or beginners looking for a little adventure. Maybe make a trip out of it and try to hit up as many mountain peaks as you can, before you get too tired or you're out of cash.

Follow a Band's Tour

A lot of bands love doing cross-country tours and also heading over to Europe during the summer. Taking a couple weeks or a month off from your boring life to follow a band's tour is one of the coolest adventures you could have this summer. You'll get to listen to some awesome music, meet great people, and see some places you probably didn't even know were out there.

Backpack Europe

Backpacking Europe allows the freedom and adventure so many college kids crave. A few articles on detail different areas in Europe and the best things to see and do while you're traveling. A trip through Europe without any real game plan is a great summer adventure to be had. Be one of the few college students who get to enjoy the excitement and energy of backpacking Europe with a few of your close friends.

Join Habitat For Humanity

Head down south with a group to some of the most hit and destroyed places in the country. Meet great people who are all working for a common cause. And help better another person's life in the process. The rush and excitement you will get from all the activity coupled with the feeling of gratification you get from helping others is the best combination for a summer adventure. Though maybe not the most daring and thrilling, this type of adventure is one of the best kinds.

White Water Rafting

The summer is the best time to round up a group of friends and head out on a white water rafting adventure. From the Poconos to the Lakes region in New Hampshire to Colorado, there are many opportunities for White Water Rafting. Either a day trip, or an overnight weekend, you can have a great time with your college buddies. Many places have campsites located right next to the rivers, which makes the trip really convenient.

Road Trip

The age old tradition of taking a road trip across the country. Stretches of flat road across the mid west is what makes this the most fun. You will meet different communities, try different foods, and experience a wealth of places you have only dreamed of. Choose a couple states or a bunch to drive through. Remember to mix a CD of your favourite tunes and grab some good munchies for the trip. You will be having a great time sooner then you think.

Join Peace Corp's Summer Programs

The Peace Corp travels all over the world, helping those in need. They do everything from teaching people in third world countries to helping build communities. For a few weeks or months during the summer you can opt to volunteer at one of these locations. You will fly out and meet up with a group to begin your summer adventure helping others in communities around the globe. The best part is you will have the great feeling of helping others while also having some fun.

Visit the Great Lakes

Much like the ocean, except without the obnoxious salt water, the Great Lakes are the largest bodies of water in the US. They are so large, in fact, that they may appear to be like the ocean. The beaches at many points have waves from the gravitational moon pull just like in the ocean. So you can boogy board, surf, you name it. Head to just one or try to see all five. Either way you will have a great time here.

Visit Breweries Around the Country

What a fun summer it would be if you could road trip from brewery to brewery, trying all the local varieties and micro brews. Head to places like Stone Brewing Company in California, Boston Brew Company in Massachusetts, Dogfish Head Brewing in Delaware, Magic Hat Brewing in Vermont, Rogue Brewing Company in Oregon, and New Glarus Brewing in Wisconsin. Visit some, visit them all, mix and match your favourites. Either way, you will be having one heck of a summer adventure.

Hit up wine country in Northern California

Many people don't really know how much fun Northern California can be. Napa Valley is an incredible place with vineyard tours and taste testing, events, musical performances, and the Redwood Forest nearby. The redwood trees are the tallest and largest in the world. You haven't seen big until you see these natural giants. Great wine, great food, great atmosphere, what more could you ask for in a summer adventure?