Outdoor Jogging and Workout Hazards

Outdoor Jogging and Workout Hazards

To exercise is to stay fit, and to stay fit is to stay healthy. A thought passed from one generation to the next, without fail, but with the rapid improvement and the wide scope of mass media, the same message is easily spread to a wider range of people across many countries.

To its credit, the message has been passed down quite effectively. Although, no one can blame you if you claim the contrary especially with the rise of high blood pressure and diabetes cases among the populace today, but, you can also see how the number of people who try their hardest to stay fit has increased.

Take to the streets and you will see an increased number of people exercising. Sometimes, they even go around in groups.

However, man cannot seem to find a break when it comes to their health because in spite the benefits of exercising especially outdoors where it is cheaper than going to the gym and attending fitness classes, it has its downsides caused mainly by our own doing.

The Pollution Take Over

Pollution has and, for the foreseeable future, will always be a problem for the common folk in general simply because it is all around us. This is not specific to just air, but any place where exercise is possible, including water.

With pollution, the damage done to someone who exercises are often unseen. Smog, particulate matter, sulfur, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide are among those that make up the dangers that outdoor fitness junkies encounter along their way, and sadly, most of these, are caused by man for these come from emissions from cars and large manufacturing factories. Even the seemingly harmless lawn mower emit some of these.

Worst of all, these are tiny enough that they can lodge into our airways unknowingly affecting our breathing in a variety of ways, as mentioned by Dan Greenbaum who is the president of the Health Effects Institute.

Even swimmers are not safe from pollution. Water that they swim in may have contents coming from overflowing untreated sewage.

The Thrill of the Outdoors

The joy of outdoors is that you are free to do whatever you want, which is especially true for people who loves to exercise outside. More so for those who love running.

However, a common mistake that most runners do is not thinking ahead of the route that they are planning to take which can take a turn for the worse rather quickly. You can easily get lost if you wander off too far from a place you are familiar with, or you may simply meet an accident along the way in spite your familiarity of the place.

Freedom and sudden surprises are part of the outdoor thrill, but, it may also lead you to harm. That is why it is highly recommended that you sort out your route for the day and tell someone - a friend or a member of your family - which route you are taking, just in case you suddenly go missing, they will know where to look for you.

Pain is for the Weak

'No pain. No gain' is a popular line for those who love to stay fit and workout, and in some ways, holds some truth.

However, we tend to forget to do things in moderation.

Mind over matter is another line that we tend to use to a point of abuse forgetting that our body knows best. Sometimes, we put too much emphasis on the first two sayings that we ignore the whisper of our body, when in fact, it is almost at its breaking point. Doing so will not only cause you injuries, but may hold you off from exercising a few weeks, causing a life of physical stagnation, and worse, reverting your body back to the way it was before all the exercise has been done.

So, try to listen more intently to your body and even when you have a higher tolerance to pain, which is normal for those who exercise regularly, learn to do things in moderation, just to be in the safer side.

Ignoring the Cravings of Your Body

Another problem that those who workout sometimes ignore is the fact that water and food are essential parts to a total workout.

There is no problem with water however because most people who go for a run or those who exercise in general know that rehydration is very important. Even those are trying to lose some pounds would go into water therapy as a substitute to food for filling their stomach which is entirely wrong, especially if you exercise.

A good balance of carbohydrate and protein intake is necessary after a good workout because it helps with the restoration of your body. If you are too guilty to eat any sort of solid food after because of a common misconception, then opt for a protein shake. It will give you the restorative benefits that your body will require after.

All Shoes Can be Used for Running

A common misconception especially for beginners.

It is true that shoes were made to protect the feet and protection is vital when exercising, especially when you are going for a run. However, not all shoes are capable of granting optimal level of feet support that you body needs for an intense run.

Granted you know that Converse or Vans are definitely not be used, but not all non-sneaker shoes can be used for running.

According to Kastor, not wearing shoes that offer enough cushion when you land your foot and those that does not reduce the forces caused by running will make you prone to injuries like stress fracture and runner's knee.

In addition, we tend to use the same shoes that our friends or our running acquaintances wear, especially if the product is the rave of everyone else you know – this is one thing that you should never do when it comes to running shoes, in spite of how everyone else claims it to be comfortable.

Each individual has a pair of shoes that is well suited for them and should always take this into consideration when buying a new pair of kicks.

Additionally, never buy running shoes online.

Its Link to Asthma

When you think you have solved all the problems that you may encounter with exercising outdoors or going out for a run, here comes this. Too much exercise can actually lead to asthma.

According to research, athletes are more prone to developing asthma if you compare them to the less athletically gifted. In fact, the same problem only develops in 1 out of every 15 individuals of the general population compared to 12 percent among high school athletes.

Norman Edelman, MD, American Lung Association's chief medical officer said that asthma is a disease caused by the inflammation of a person's airways which is common among individuals who regularly works out, and although some are genetically ingrained in them, some may develop the problem because asthma may be induced by strenuous activities.

Additionally, inhaled pollutants from the air such as ozone and particulate matter may exacerbate the symptoms, causing an even more rapid and possibly prolonged attack.

There is just no winning is there?

However, if we keep things in moderation and listen to our body more intently, exercise will become as healthy as it should be.