Puppy and Dog Training Online Review

Rather than having to take your pooch to an inconvenient (and expensive) dog obedience school every week, this Internet program offers greater flexibility. Dove Cresswell recommends that you work with your dog on short lessons for about ten to fifteen minutes rather than the typical hour-long course that you'll likely get from the average dog training center, which is great if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Whether you have a lot of experience training dogs, or little to no experience, this program has been designed to accommodate everyone at any level. This course isn't designed to create super TV-star dogs, it teaches fundamentals that can be used every day by the average every day dog. You can watch one of the online video lessons and then instantly try the techniques out on your family dog - another great convenience of learning these skills in-home.

So Exactly What Is Covered?

You get an extensive plan of action to teach your dog in seven audio/video sessions, along with additional photos and audio extras. Her entire program has also been designed for use with individual breeds of dogs as well. She is a very knowledgeable dog trainer, having trained some of Hollywood's finest pet "celebs" for a number of years, and she outlines what works best for each individual dog and dog owner. Each of the training modules often teach various options you can use for one training action. Dove suggests that you try each of the options to find out your dog's best "learning style" so your lessons will feel as natural and comfortable to him as possible. This will help you to help your dog understand the lesson better each time rather than fighting with him or guessing at other ways to make it work. The various skills you'll be able to learn from this program will include:

* Potty training/housebreaking

* Basic Dog Obedience

* Proper Leash Etiquette

box/paper "potty-training,"

coming to you on command,

proper manners, and even a special part on doing certain tricks.

Since she is using the identical approach she does when training dogs for movies and TV commercials, Cresswell's methods of teaching in this program are both effective and reliable. The techniques offered in this course were presented in a very unique manner, and were much easier to learn than others I've seen in books and instructional DVDs.

I love the way that each lesson is presented, that it's really simple to navigate, and I can easily go straight to a certain section in any of the materials. What I have found to be really helpful is hearing the tone she uses for each of the commands. Because the tone of any command is vital, with this program you're able to hear exactly what you're suppose to say and how you should say it. It's such an awesome concept! I believe that it was the combination of the audio and video features used throughout Dove's training program that made it such an effective course compared to others I've reviewed in the past.

Overall Summary of Review

If you are an audio-visual learner you will find Dove Cresswell's Puppy and Dog Training Online program to be the best one for you. Rather than printing out page after page of boring material that you don't want to read anyway, now you can watch, listen, and learn "firsthand" from a highly renowned dog trainer. Being able to see exactly how Dove uses voice commands and body language throughout the training process gave such a helpful visual that I was able to use along with the techniques. In addition, you'll be able to try out a free video lesson when you visit her Puppy & Dog Training Onlines website. I highly recommend her audio-visual guide to everyone and suggest you go check it out right now! Source.

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